Weekly Small Group Hatha Yoga Classes

These are flexibly arranged classes, usually with a maximum of 4 students allowing for plenty of individual attention. There are classes at various times in the week & you simply book into the classes you wish to attend, at the frequency that works for you, subject only to availability of places; & you pay only for those classes you attend.

Current weekly classes

NOTE: This can vary over holiday periods or where there is requirement for additional /fewer classes, for instance an additional evening class.

  • Sunday 10 - 11am (on occasions, this class will be on a Saturday morning instead)
  • Monday 10am -11am
  • Monday 6.40pm - 7.40pm
  • Tuesday 7.10pm – 8.10pm
  • Friday 6.40pm - 7.40pm/7.55pm once per month when class includes a yoga nidra relaxation

Weekly Class Venue 

The usual venue is my small studio at 8 St. Peter’s Place, Viewforth, Edinburgh EH3 9PJ.  See

Sometimes classes may be held at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre, 10 Lower Gilmore Place, EH3 9NY.  See


The standard cost**** (see below regarding reduced rates), whether there are 3, 2 or just 1 student, is £12 per person per class.  You pay only for classes you attend, with no cancellation fee if you find you cannot come after all.  This cost reduced to £10 if there are 4 or more students at a St.Peter's Place class.

****Where these costs are not workable for people then we work out an arrangement between us.  I am open to any possibilities because I think, in the end, it is in everyone's best interest for students to attend as regularly as works for them.

More information & booking or 0131 229 9035

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One to One Hatha Yoga Classes

Personalised Yoga sessions can be invaluable, either instead of or as an adjunct to group classes, to address particular requirements whether related to health & fitness or personal schedule!  These can be arranged at mutually convenient times & frequencies whether on an occasional or regular basis.


The usual venue for individual sessions is my small studio at 8 St. Peter’s Place, Viewforth, Edinburgh EH3 9P.  See


The costs for one to one sessions depend on whether you book a single session or a series of sessions paid for though not necessarily booked together.  Standard costs**** for one to one sessions are follows.

90 minute session £60~

60 minute session £47~; 2x1 hour  session £90; 4x1 hour session £170~

Other rates for different requirements are available on request.

**** If your finances make this not workable, whether or not you come in to any of the usual cost reduction categories, please do get in touch to make a more suitable arrangement - see contact details below.

More information & booking or 0131 229 9035

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Yoga for Sleep ~ Workshops, Courses & Individual Yoga Therapy for Sleep Sessions

Yoga can help with all sorts of sleep & related issues, whether difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep, waking in the night unable to get back to sleep or simply reaching morning & not being rested enough.  

These workshops & courses bring together tried and tested methods developed over 15 years of research by Lisa Sanfilippo, yoga for insomnia expert, sleep recovery pioneer, and author of Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery (Singing Dragon 2019).  See

Afternoon workshops offer a compact, minimal commitment way of finding what Yoga has to offer & how you might use Yoga to work with your particular Issues.

Weekly courses offer more content & a gradual format that allows both consolidation & progression week by week.You can do a course on its own or as a follow on from a workshop.

Comprehensive handouts are included in workshops & courses.

Upcoming Workshops

17th November 2019

at The Wee Retreat, Glasgow,                                                          

Spring 2020 ~ dates tbc

at Edinburgh Yoga Room,        

&/or possibly in other locations in Scotland or Northern England by request.

Please get in touch to be included in the mailing list for upcoming yoga for sleep events of all sorts.

Upcoming Weekly Course

Courses are set up in response to interest; a day, time & venue are then set to suit would be particiapnts.  Please get in touch if this is of interest.

*** Edinburgh course coming up in Sept or Oct 2019 ~ time & dates to be confirmed: please get in touch if this might be of interest. ***

Content of Workshops & Courses

~ the basics of sleep science;

~ practical Yoga – movements, breathing practices, meditative & restorative Yoga;

~ ways to use the Yoga practices to contribute to better rest & sleep;

~ aspects of our lives & ways to weave in particular Yoga practices to enhance sleep & improve energy levels during our wakeful day;

~ good self management practices for good sleep.


The costs for a workshop or course may vary depending on location & numbers of students.  Please ask for details.

The standard cost for a 6 week course is £89~ * **

* Where someone's finances make my standard prices not workable, whether or not any of the usual concessionary categories apply, I ask for a payment that would be workable, with no question or proof needed.

** There is a discount of 30% for anyone who has been on a previous workshop or course on Yoga for Better Sleep & Rest, to make it easier to have a refresher of the material, or to work with different issues arising at different times.

This discount would apply to both standard & reduced rates.


via or 0131 229 9035

More information & booking via or 0131 229 9035

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Yoga with Babies

Yoga with babies gives you the opportunity to continue/start a yoga practice, or simply ease out a bit, even when looking after a baby; also satisfying babies’ needs for movement & contact & aiding their development, all whilst having fun together!

Weekly Yoga with Babies classes are available for newborns to toddlers at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre, 10 Lower Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9NY.

More information & booking 

For Yoga with Mobile Babies/Young Toddlers: ~

For Yoga with Nonmobile Babies: ~ or 0131 229 3667

Father & Baby Movement with Yoga 

Fathers can also have fun doing yoga with their babies, helping with bonding & perhaps allowing mother some time with an older sibling or some time off!

Father & Baby Movement with Yoga classes currently run monthly, most often at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre.

Cost & Booking

The standard cost per class is £10~* per father with baby/ies; book in advance but pay on the day with no cancellation fee.

*If your family income makes this not workable, please adjust accordingly – no proof of anything required.

Classes are bookable in advance as there will be a limit per class of 10 fathers - or 8 for the mobile babies class - with their baby/ies, but you pay on the day.  In the event you have booked & can’t go, simply let me know as soon as possible in case anyone else would like to take the places - with no cancellation fee.

More information & booking or 0131 229 9035 

Upcoming Dates for Fathers Yoga with Babies

~ Saturday 16th February &  Saturday 16th March 2019, 2.30-3.25pm with non mobile babies, 3.30-4.15pm with mobile babies

These classes will be at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre, 10 Lower GIlmore Place, EH3 9NY

Individual Yoga with Babies Classes

Individual Yoga with Babies Classes can be arranged on request at mutually convenient times & frequencies via or 0131 229 9035

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